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DMV Office Locations and DMV Hours

DMV Office Locations

Making a trip to the DMV is a hassle all drivers must deal with it. The last thing you want to do is get lost on the way or travel to the wrong office. If you have to visit the DMV for any reason, it’s always smart to look up DMV office locations in advance. The following information should help you get to the right location in less time.

Where Do I Look Up DMV Office Locations?

The easiest place to look is online. A simple search will likely automatically direct you to the information you need along with maps that have the nearest DMV office locations marked for you. You can also look up an address and then plug it into an online mapping tool for more information. If you do not have ready access to the internet, the address you need will likely be in the phone book or available through the public library. You can also look up the phone number for your location DMV office and call an official about directions and locations.

Why Do I Need to Visit the DMV?

It may not actually be necessary. Many DMV offices have made services available online, letting you skip the wait as long as you can supply documents and payment digitally. Be sure to investigate this option. However, for many services it’s mandatory that you visit the DMV in person. Here are the most common services drivers seek out:

  • To take the test(s) for getting a learner’s permit or driver’s license
  • To get a driver’s license renewed or replaced
  • To apply or pay for a vehicle registration or renewal
  • To get a title transferred from one individual to another
  • To receive a copy of your driver’s record

Which DMV Office Should I Visit?

That depends on a few factors. Most DMV offices offer all the services you’re looking for, but there can be exceptions, especially in the availability of driver’s license tests. Once you know what services you need, confirm that they are available through the office you plan to visit. Calling the office directly is the surest way to get this information. Convenience is another factor to keep in mind. Larger metropolitan offices may be quicker for you to get to, but smaller offices farther from the city often have shorter lines.

When Should I Visit the DMV Office?

Don’t plan your visit without first looking up the DMV office hours of operation. Even though these locations typically follow normal business hours, there are exceptions that might make you trip easier or harder. In general, you want to get to the DMV office as early in the day as possible. Lines and wait times grow longer throughout the day. These offices also get busier towards the end of the month when pressing deadlines start to approach. Whenever and wherever you choose to visit, make sure you have all the required documents completed in full and organized in advance. This will save you time and hassle once you reach the desk while ensuring you don’t have to make a repeat trip.


  • DMV Office Locations
  • DMV Office Address
  • DMV Open and Closed Hours